Neuer Capital Trading Accounts Review- The Options to Explore

As cryptocurrency trading is on the rise, people need to find brokerage firms to accommodate their needs. The market is currently teeming with brokers who are offering their services, but no two brokerages are the same. So, how do you pick a brokerage that would be the perfect fit for you? Neuer Capital is the best choice in this regard because not only do they specialize in crypto trading and offer you a horde of options, but they also fulfill the needs of different traders.

One of the best ways to assess whether a broker is catering to traders from different backgrounds or not is to take a look at the trading accounts options they provide. Each of these account types come with different features and offerings and have varying levels of deposit requirements. The purpose of creating multiple account options is to help traders choose one according to their level of experience, skills and the capital they can invest.

If you do your due diligence, it will become obvious that most brokers offer three standard options; one for beginners, one for intermediate traders and the last for professionals. The problem is that even these options are quite limited because things are not always black and white. Understanding that, Neuer Capital offers a total of six account types to their clients. This is to ensure that all kinds of traders can find what they are looking for with this brokerage and they don’t have to switch brokerages later on or choose an account they are not comfortable with. Let’s take a look at the account options offered by Neuer Capital Review


The first account option offered by Neuer Capital is Basic and it requires traders to deposit EUR 1,000. As the name indicates, this particular account has been designed for beginner traders who have absolutely zero experience in the market. The features in the account have been offered accordingly. Under the basic account, a trader can enjoy 24/6 customer support for any queries they may have. They are also provided access to the education center to increase their knowledge and learn new tactics and skills that can help in trading. Furthermore, beginners can also benefit from Daily Market Review and PRO webinars, which provide them with much-needed guidance.


The second account option provided by Neuer Capital is Bronze and you can open it with a deposit of EUR 10,000. This is for traders who are a leg up from beginners as they have had some exposure. They will receive the same features as that of the Basic account, but some additions are made according to their experience. They will be provided with an account manager for a month who can provide them with guidance and help them make profitable trades. Similarly, they will also receive Junior price alerts, which can enable them to make good decisions.


The Silver account is for intermediate traders who are getting ambitious and can deposit EUR 25,000 for this account. Apart from the rest of the features, they will get the account manager for three months rather than one as per their needs. Likewise, they are also provided PIA trading signals five times a day because they will be making much more advanced trades.


Neuer Capital’s fourth account option needs a deposit of EUR 50,000. Under this account, the account manager’s duration is increased to six months and PIA trading signals are sent 10 times a day. The rest of the features remain constant.


With a deposit of EUR 250,000, you can open a Platinum account with Neuer Capital. Along with the other features, you will now get VIP price alerts because this account is meant for skilled traders. Therefore, the account manager is also provided for a year. In addition, unlimited PIA trading signals are given, a personalized trading strategy is provided and PIA SMS signals are also included.


The last account option is restricted for professional traders and you can discover its requirements by getting in touch with your account manager. It offers all features that Neuer capital has to offer to its clients. You can use the account manager for as long as you want, get a one-on-one trading trainer and also opt for exclusive position access.

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