Neuer Capital Trading Academy Review- Is it any Good?

After the prominent success stories of numerous investors and traders in the cryptocurrency market, many people have also jumped on the bandwagon or are planning to. The potential of making huge returns is tempting for everyone and the fact that there are no barriers to entry only adds to its appeal. However, you should understand that without proper knowledge and understanding, you are less likely to succeed and more likely to wipe out your entire capital. Obviously, you don’t want that to happen, which means you need to learn what cryptocurrencies are, how they work and what trading strategies should be used.

While there are plenty of sources that you will find on the internet, not all of them are reliable. In fact, some can be inaccurate or misleading and can cause you to make mistakes. Knowing this, many brokerages have developed their own education sections and academies to provide guidance and instructions to traders. Neuer Capital is also concerned about its clientele due to which they have developed a Trading Academy for them on its website. The purpose is to give them access to accurate and reliable content regarding crypto trading that can help them improve their strategies and make better decisions.

But, what exactly does the Trading Academy offer? Let’s check it out:


The first section you will come across when you visit the Neuer Capital’s Trading Academy is Education. Under this section, the broker has provided traders with access to a number of in-depth courses regarding different aspects of cryptocurrency trading. Some of the courses you will find are:

  • Cryptocurrencies

This course has been designed to help traders in learning the various aspects of crypto trading. They are also provided information regarding trading psychology, technical analysis and capital management.

  • Trading Strategies

As obvious from the name, this particular course offered by Neuer Capital is to help its traders in finding out new strategies that can help them maximize their profits. Every strategy that you will discover in this course will provide details about how to identify recommended pairs, time frame, when to enter trades, when to exist and how to use trading indicators, amongst others.

These courses are not the only source of information you will find under the Education section. Neuer Capital has also added thorough and detailed e-books on different crypto-related topics to help traders in adding to their knowledge. Some of the e-books that you will find under this section are:

  • Cryptocurrencies E-Book

This e-book has been written for the sole purpose of providing guidance and insight to newbies. It is for novices who are new to the crypto world and are not familiar with what they are. They can learn exactly how cryptocurrencies work, the pioneer cryptocurrency Bitcoin and everything about Blockchain technology.

  • Advanced Crypto E-Book

This particular E-book is for advanced cryptocurrency traders who already know the basics, but want to move forward in the market. This e-book provides them with details about advanced trading techniques for trading cryptocurrencies, which include capital management, trading psychology and technical analysis. All of these can come in handy for making smart decisions.

The Trading Academy created by Neuer Capital also has other sections, along with education. The next section is referred to as Analysis and it provides traders with access to various useful tools that can play an important role in the trading process. The top tools you will come across here are:

  • Signals: Neuer Capital provides crypto traders with access to live signals and crypto signals that can guide them on when to buy or sell their cryptocurrency. This can help in minimizing losses and maximizing profits.
  • Fundamental Analysis: Under this category, you can access the economic calendar, which highlights important market events that may affect the price of the cryptocurrency you are trading. It also keeps you updated about the latest market news so you know what is happening and can open or close trades accordingly.
  • Technical Analysis: Here, Neuer Capital gives you access to daily analysis videos as well as crypto charts that can be helpful in predicting movements and trends in the market.

Apart from that, Neuer Capital Review also has a Glossary in its Trading Academy that makes it easier for traders to understand market jargon and terminologies for a smooth trading process.

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