Neuer Capital Legal Policies Review- Are they Good Enough?

You need to sign up with a broker when you have made up your mind about trading cryptocurrencies. These days, finding a broker is not that difficult because the internet has made everything easy. You will find plenty of options at your disposal and you can research them at length before you make up your mind. Why such due diligence is required? There have been many brokerage scams due to which people ended up losing money. Thus, you don’t want to take things lightly. But, how do you figure out if a broker is legitimate or not?

It is important for a trader to check the terms and conditions and legal policies of a broker before they choose to use their services. The purpose of these policies is to outline exactly what form of protections they are offering you, the conditions you will agree to and their procedures and processes. You need to have a clear understanding in order to ensure you are not choosing a shady broker. Scam brokers usually don’t disclose their policies and are vague when it comes to terms-and-conditions to mislead people. It is not a problem you will encounter with Neuer Capital Review

This broker has put in a great deal of effort when it comes to devising legal policies and has covered various areas to provide peace of mind to its potential and existing clients. If you are considering this broker, you can take a look at their policies and know exactly what you are getting into. Some of the aspects that Neuer Capital has covered in its legal policies are:

Disclosure of Risks

First and foremost, Neuer Capital is fully aware that cryptocurrency trading involves a great deal of risks. Therefore, its priority is to ensure that its clients are fully aware of these risks associated with their investment and trading activities that they will undertake via the broker’s services. Neuer Capital cannot be held liable for any losses that you may suffer during the course of trading or for the actions of affiliates and third-parties that are not under the control of the broker.

Limitation of Liabilities

Under this section, Neuer Capital has informed its clients that they cannot be held accountable for any losses, whether financial or otherwise, which may incur as a result of using their website or its content. This can include loss of sales, loss of profit, intangible/tangible asset loss, data loss or any other deliberate or incidental losses. They have stated that people can use their information and content out of their own free will and should take full responsibility of the backup and security of the data. As per the limitation of liabilities, Neuer Capital cannot be held legally responsible for any claims or actions connected to the use of their services or website.

Third-Party Services

During the course of business operations, Neuer capital may and does offer references to different services, products, promotions, recommendations and information provided by other entities or websites. These are defined as third parties, but the broker does not have any control over their offerings and services and so they cannot be held liable for their quality, accuracy, fitness, timeliness and applicability. Their use is at your discretion and when you do, you agree to their terms and conditions.

Know your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policies

The broker has a Know Your Customer (KYC) policy in place for security of their clients. Under this policy, traders are required to provide proof of ID, which could be a government issued ID card or passport. You also have to provide proof of address, which could be bank or credit card statements or utility bills. As for AML policies, they are aimed at preventing frauds or illegal transactions being conducted at Neuer Capital. Hence, corporate cards cannot be used and only a personal credit card or bank account of the same name can be used for deposits and withdrawals.

Apart from these legal policies, Neuer Capital has mentioned some other aspects. They have a privacy policy that you need to know, their collection and use of information, rules regarding promotions and bonuses, the website’s intellectual property and the performance of financial products. In this way, the broker provides you a safe and secure trading experience because they are upfront about their policies.

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