As cryptocurrencies continue to become popular, many brokers also come up. Some of these brokers are legit, but others are scams. Because of this, some new companies may be mistaken for scams when they are legit and vice versa. That’s why we make it our mission to vet these brokers and give you information about them. This way, you can avoid falling prey to the scam artists or losing out on what the legit ones have to offer. Our Neuer-capital review gives you a comprehensive overview of the company as well as other details about its features and operations.

Neuer-capital is a company that provides services on cryptocurrency trading. The brokerage company features different types of currencies and has many other features that are perfect for both new players in the cryptocurrency trading as well as experienced ones. This means you can access different types of coins and enjoy high leverage and low spreads, among many other benefits.


The first thing you’ll notice about the company website is its layout. They have a simple website with the right structure and interface that makes it easy to find whatever you need. The color coordination isn’t inadequate, it shows professionalism but still makes the interface pleasant visually. The website is also easy to navigate. You can easily access different pages because of the fast load time and spotting what you want is also easy. They have categorized everything on the home page and have included an educational section on the site. You can go through the educational material as you prepare for your first cryptocurrency trading or remind yourself of some essential aspects of what you have traded before. The content contains all the useful information regarding how to make successful trades. We can say that, in general, the user experience of the website is excellent.


Most brokers operating in the same industry offer two or three account options to their users. That’s why we found the six options given by Neuer-capital to be impressive. They offer you a chance to choose an account type that you can afford or is comfortable investing in. Most people usually start with a basic account, but if that’s your choice, you’ll still be able to access their amazing features.

For the primary account, you’ll pay £250 and access 24-hour support, educational center, daily market reviews, and pro webinars. The bronze account will have access to all the features the basic account has with additional price alerts. A silver account gets all the features available for the bronze account, but there is also an account manager and PIA trading signals. Gold and platinum accounts will have access to the same with the difference being in the type of price alerts they receive. The black report is also available, but it is only for top investors. You have to apply through your account manager and meet other set standards before you qualify.

Deposits and withdrawals

Our Neuer-capital review also found that deposits don’t attract any fees. However, they don’t offer much flexibility with the options they allow. They only enable Wire Transfers and Credit Card payments. The minimum amount you can deposit is £250, while the maximum is £1000 if you have the primary account. Other accounts have more substantial deposits. It’s therefore advisable that you start with the primary account with the minimum deposit amount if you’re a novice trader then progress to others.

The company doesn’t restrict the amount to be withdrawn or charge any fees either. You can withdraw any amount you want, but payment will be through the same methods mentioned above. However, the process can be a little tedious because of other requirements. You have to provide an ID card or driver’s license, proof of address, and a picture of you holding your credit card, showing the last four digits of the card. While this may seem a bit much for some people, it is the best way to prevent credit card fraud or identity theft. Besides, they are standard procedures within the industry.

Trading options

The brokerage has several cryptocurrency options. You’ll get some of the popular coins like bitcoin and ethereum, as well as some that are not very popular like Qtum and others. You’ll get more than six coins, which is a high number because most companies provide at most 4. The company also has high leverages and low spreads. The leverage can go as high as 1:100, with the range being as low as 0.1 pips per trade. They do ask for overnight trading fees, but that is also standard in the industry.


During the Neuer-capital review, we also found that they are one of the most secure websites available. They use a secure sockets layer, which means that information about your credit card or other personal information is encrypted to prevent fraud and identity theft. They also don’t use a third party, which means that they are responsible for any information you give them. They protect that information from falling into the wrong hands.

Neuer-capital pros

Some of the benefits you can expect from Neuer-capital include :

Ease of use

Whether you are a beginning trader or an experienced one, you need a platform that is easy to understand and use. That is the only way you’ll be able to enjoy the trading process. Neuer-capital offers that. You not only get a simple website that is easy to navigate, but you are also not forced into anything. You don’t get into any formal binding agreement with the company. You just register, open an account, and start trading. You also get materials that will assist you in your first trading experience. The features, including the educational materials, make the website one of the most accessible trading platforms to use.


Neuer-capital doesn’t just have the website platform. They also have an app for mobile users with devices running on different types of operating systems. Both the website and the app function optimally with no downtime. They also use the latest technology in trading to ensure that their users get the best and fastest trading experience. All the features are regularly tested and improved to ensure they function as they should.


Another discovery we made during our Neuer-capital review is that the company has a 24-hour customer support team in place. Unlike other companies that don’t respond to customer questions, this team is very active and responds almost immediately at any time of day or night. The group is also diverse, consisting of traders, account managers, financial and market analysts, and personal brokers. They are patient and respectful, and they take the time to understand your exact needs before they offer a solution.


Neuer-capital has proven that they can be trusted with vital information such as credit card details, address, and amount of investment. They work with you directly and have put other measures in place to ensure that your information isn’t leaked or accessed by unauthorized people. You have to log into your account, which further offers you protection so long as you keep your login credentials safe. The available customer service team is also possible to handle any security concerns you may have as soon as they arise. These, with the availability of the SSL encryption, ensure that the confidentiality of your information is maintained.


This is another significant advantage that our Neuer-capital review has unveiled. The company doesn’t charge deposit or withdrawal fees, and they don’t have any other hidden costs as well. You don’t have to pay third party fees because of your direct dealings with them, and you don’t have to buy an asset by investing more money.

Asset variety

The platform offers a wide range of assets for investors. You can easily make more money through one of those assets, which means that you’re not limited in how you can maximize your profits. You can sell and buy securities or invest in any other asset suitable for you.


The main disadvantage we notice from this company is the limitations of payment methods. The availability of only two deposit and withdrawal options is very dissatisfying. It limits most people who would prefer other methods. It also slows down transactions. Credit card transfers and Wire Transfers usually take up to 7 business days. As such, you may have to wait for up to 1 week before you receive your withdrawals. This is a long time to wait, considering there are many other payment options that are much faster and more flexible.

Is Neuer-capital legit?

The company is registered and licensed. They are also many other aspects of the company that refute claims that it is a fraud. For instance, they usually pay all the withdrawals, and they respond to any questions directed at them. They don’t overcharge their customers, and they have a lot of other features that are helpful for their customers. It is, therefore, safe to say that Neuer-capital. Isn’t a scam.


Our Neuer-capital review shows that the company is the best place for new cryptocurrency traders. All the assistance they give and their features make it easy for new traders to become successful. It is a haven for inexperienced users, but if you’re experienced, then you may want to look for other platforms. Even so, Neuer-capital rates better than many other companies of the same caliber.