Neuer Capital Trading Academy Review – Is it any Good?

Neuer Capital, Neuer Capital review, neuer capital rezension, Neuer Capital blog, cryptocurrency news, bitcoin, crypto trading, litecoin, ripple, dash, bitcoin cash, broker, blockchain, trading platform, trading guide, finance, ezdsk magazine, assets, chart, investment, Calculations, strategyAfter the prominent success stories of numerous investors and traders in the cryptocurrency market, many people have also jumped on the bandwagon or are planning to. The potential of making huge returns is tempting for everyone and the fact that there are no barriers to entry only adds to its appeal. However, you should understand that without proper knowledge and understanding, you are less likely to succeed and more likely to wipe out your entire capital. Obviously, you don’t want that to happen, which means you need to learn what cryptocurrencies are, how they work and what trading strategies should be used.

While there are plenty of sources that you will find on the internet, not all of them are reliable. In fact, some can be inaccurate or misleading and can cause you to make mistakes. Knowing this, many brokerages have developed their own education sections and academies to provide guidance and instructions to traders. Neuer Capital is also concerned about its clientele due to which they have developed a Trading Academy for them on its website. The purpose is to give them access to accurate and reliable content regarding crypto trading that can help them improve their strategies and make better decisions.

But, what exactly does the Trading Academy offer? Let’s check it out:

Education – The first section you will come across when you visit the Neuer Capital’s Trading Academy is Education. Under this section, the broker has provided traders with access to a number of in-depth courses regarding different aspects of cryptocurrency trading. Some of the courses you will find are:

Cryptocurrencies – This course has been designed to help traders in learning the various aspects of crypto trading. They are also provided information regarding trading psychology, technical analysis and capital management.

Trading Strategies – As obvious from the name, this particular course offered by Neuer Capital is to help its traders in finding out new strategies that can help them maximize their profits. Every strategy that you will discover in this course will provide details about how to identify recommended pairs, time frame, when to enter trades, when to exist and how to use trading indicators, amongst others.

These courses are not the only source of information you will find under the Education section. Neuer Capital has also added thorough and detailed e-books on different crypto-related topics to help traders in adding to their knowledge. Some of the e-books that you will find under this section are:

Cryptocurrencies E-Book – This e-book has been written for the sole purpose of providing guidance and insight to newbies. It is for novices who are new to the crypto world and are not familiar with what they are. They can learn exactly how cryptocurrencies work, the pioneer cryptocurrency Bitcoin and everything about Blockchain technology.

Advanced Crypto E-Book – This particular E-book is for advanced cryptocurrency traders who already know the basics, but want to move forward in the market. This e-book provides them with details about advanced trading techniques for trading cryptocurrencies, which include capital management, trading psychology and technical analysis. All of these can come in handy for making smart decisions.

The Trading Academy created by Neuer Capital also has other sections, along with education. The next section is referred to as Analysis and it provides traders with access to various useful tools that can play an important role in the trading process. The top tools you will come across here are:

Signals: Neuer Capital provides crypto traders with access to live signals and crypto signals that can guide them on when to buy or sell their cryptocurrency. This can help in minimizing losses and maximizing profits.

Fundamental Analysis: Under this category, you can access the economic calendar, which highlights important market events that may affect the price of the cryptocurrency you are trading. It also keeps you updated about the latest market news so you know what is happening and can open or close trades accordingly.

Technical Analysis: Here, Neuer Capital gives you access to daily analysis videos as well as crypto charts that can be helpful in predicting movements and trends in the market.

Apart from that, Neuer Capital Review also has a Glossary in its Trading Academy that makes it easier for traders to understand market jargon and terminologies for a smooth trading process.

Neuer Capital Legal Policies Review – Are they Good Enough?

Neuer Capital, Neuer Capital review, neuer capital rezension, Neuer Capital blog, cryptocurrency news, bitcoin, crypto trading, litecoin, ripple, dash, bitcoin cash, broker, blockchain, trading platform, trading guide, finance, ezdsk magazine, assets, chart, investment, Calculations, strategyYou need to sign up with a broker when you have made up your mind about trading cryptocurrencies.

These days, finding a broker is not that difficult because the internet has made everything easy. You will find plenty of options at your disposal and you can research them at length before you make up your mind. Why such due diligence is required? There have been many brokerage scams due to which people ended up losing money. Thus, you don’t want to take things lightly. But, how do you figure out if a broker is legitimate or not?

It is important for a trader to check the terms and conditions and legal policies of a broker before they choose to use their services. The purpose of these policies is to outline exactly what form of protections they are offering you, the conditions you will agree to and their procedures and processes. You need to have a clear understanding in order to ensure you are not choosing a shady broker. Scam brokers usually don’t disclose their policies and are vague when it comes to terms-and-conditions to mislead people. It is not a problem you will encounter with Neuer Capital.

This broker has put in a great deal of effort when it comes to devising legal policies and has covered various areas to provide peace of mind to its potential and existing clients. If you are considering this broker, you can take a look at their policies and know exactly what you are getting into. Some of the aspects that Neuer Capital has covered in its legal policies are:

Disclosure of Risks – First and foremost, Neuer Capital is fully aware that cryptocurrency trading involves a great deal of risks. Therefore, its priority is to ensure that its clients are fully aware of these risks associated with their investment and trading activities that they will undertake via the broker’s services. Neuer Capital cannot be held liable for any losses that you may suffer during the course of trading or for the actions of affiliates and third-parties that are not under the control of the broker.

Limitation of Liabilities – Under this section, Neuer Capital has informed its clients that they cannot be held accountable for any losses, whether financial or otherwise, which may incur as a result of using their website or its content. This can include loss of sales, loss of profit, intangible/tangible asset loss, data loss or any other deliberate or incidental losses. They have stated that people can use their information and content out of their own free will and should take full responsibility of the backup and security of the data. As per the limitation of liabilities, Neuer Capital cannot be held legally responsible for any claims or actions connected to the use of their services or website.

Third-Party Services – During the course of business operations, Neuer capital may and does offer references to different services, products, promotions, recommendations and information provided by other entities or websites. These are defined as third parties, but the broker does not have any control over their offerings and services and so they cannot be held liable for their quality, accuracy, fitness, timeliness and applicability. Their use is at your discretion and when you do, you agree to their terms and conditions.

Know your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policies

The broker has a Know Your Customer (KYC) policy in place for security of their clients. Under this policy, traders are required to provide proof of ID, which could be a government issued ID card or passport. You also have to provide proof of address, which could be bank or credit card statements or utility bills. As for AML policies, they are aimed at preventing frauds or illegal transactions being conducted at Neuer Capital. Hence, corporate cards cannot be used and only a personal credit card or bank account of the same name can be used for deposits and withdrawals.

Apart from these legal policies, Neuer Capital has mentioned some other aspects. They have a privacy policy that you need to know, their collection and use of information, rules regarding promotions and bonuses, the website’s intellectual property and the performance of financial products. In this way, the broker provides you a safe and secure trading experience because they are upfront about their policies.

Neuer Capital Trading Assets Review – Discover your Options

Neuer Capital, Neuer Capital review, neuer capital rezension, Neuer Capital blog, cryptocurrency news, bitcoin, crypto trading, litecoin, ripple, dash, bitcoin cash, broker, blockchain, trading platform, trading guide, finance, ezdsk magazine, assets, chart, investment, Calculations, strategyInterested in trading cryptocurrencies? You are not the only one because these digital currencies have been the hot topic of discussion for quite a while low. Since 2017 when Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies reached their peak, there was renewed interest in them and they have become a global phenomenon. People all over the world want to take part in this ongoing trend and profit from its potential. However, in order to make it happen, you need to find a brokerage that can offer you this opportunity.

A quick search will tell you that you have tons of options to choose from because there are hundreds of brokers in the market that have added cryptocurrencies to their offerings. That sounds good because it means you can find the most feasible option. There is only one problem; not all brokers offer the same cryptocurrencies. If your goal is to just trade cryptocurrencies and you don’t have any specific ones in mind, you can choose just any broker. However, if you are particular about the cryptocurrencies you want to trade, you will need to consider the options.

This is where Neuer Capital will come across as the ideal option because this brokerage provides you with the top cryptocurrency offerings in the market. Hence, you will find the crypto you want to trade and be able to do so in a safe and secure environment. Some of the top trading assets that Neuer Capital Review has to offer are mentioned below:

Bitcoin – What was the first cryptocurrency to be introduced? It was none other than Bitcoin, which brought about the entire concept in 2009. Today, it is one of the most popular and widely used cryptocurrency in the market and has the highest market value. There is a capped limit of Bitcoin, which is set at 21 million and right now, there are almost 17 million tokens that are circulating in the market. As far as the market value is concerned, it tends to vary on a day-to-day basis, but it did achieve a record high of $200 billion.

Lots of people want to trade this cryptocurrency because it is the most accepted, boasts a large community and is easy to trade. Plus, unlike the newer cryptocurrencies, it is less likely to disappear. But, you should know that it does have scaling issues and a high transaction fee.

Ethereum – You also have the option of trading Ethereum via Neuer Capital. This one is more like a decentralized app provider and was initially designed as a supercomputer for eliminating the need of third-party companies like Apple in development of PC and mobile apps. For cost payment purposes in Ethereum, Ether was developed. It is a good crypto to invest it as its community is expanding and it has also been around for a long time. But, there is a chance that it could be replaced by others with similar features.

Litecoin – Often referred to as Bitcoin’s ‘little sibling’, Litecoin is similar to the pioneer in several ways. It has a significantly higher cap of 84 million and offers faster transaction speeds. But, its mining process is more memory-intensive and it has a small market capitalization. It does have zero transaction fees, which adds to its appeal.

Bitcoin Cash

Introduced in 2017, this is one of the hard forks of Bitcoin. The primary difference between the two is block size as Bitcoin Cash has 8MB whereas Bitcoin’s is 1MB. Thanks to this change, Bitcoin Cash has low transaction fee, offers fast processing and solves Bitcoin’s scaling issues. It can also be mined with Bitcoin, which makes it a good choice for investment.

Ripple – This crypto was designed for banks to act as a centralized transaction medium and allowed the exchange of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. XRP is the currency sent via the Ripple network and converted into real money. It is a sound trading instrument because it has a huge market, an anonymous and secure network and has been adopted by financial institutions.

Dash – The last crypto you will find at Neuer Capital is this altcoin that’s also a fork of Bitcoin. It enables people to make fast and untraceable transactions and also has a cap of 18 million.

Neuer Capital Trading Platform – For a Smooth and Easy Experience

Neuer Capital, Neuer Capital review, neuer capital rezension, Neuer Capital blog, cryptocurrency news, bitcoin, crypto trading, litecoin, ripple, dash, bitcoin cash, broker, blockchain, trading platform, trading guide, finance, ezdsk magazine, assets, chart, investment, Calculations, strategyCryptocurrency trading has become a global trend these days as the market is relatively new and provides people with a lot of opportunities of making profits. Hundreds of new cryptocurrencies have been introduced in the last few years and this has added to the excitement and potential of this market. Considering its popularity, the number of brokers giving people the opportunity to trade has also increased. You will come across numerous brokers that have added various cryptocurrencies to their trading assets and you can simply sign up with them to get started. But, one thing you need to remember; not every broker is the same.

There have been some scam brokers, but there are also some legitimate brokers out there that may not be what you seek. Not all brokers can provide you the kind of trading experience you are looking for. Why? This is due to the fact that it depends on the trading platform they offer. This is the software that provides traders with tools, features and functionalities that are used for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the kind of trading platform offered by a broker is a big factor in deciding whether to use their services or not.

Luckily, Neuer Capital doesn’t disappoint people in this regard. The broker is fully aware of the importance of the trading platform and has gone to great lengths to ensure that it can offer traders what they need. They have developed a proprietary trading platform that doesn’t involve a big learning curve. It has been designed to be simple and user-friendly to ensure both beginners and advanced traders can start using it right away. The best thing about Neuer Capital’s trading platform is that it doesn’t require any downloads or installation.

Rather than offering a desktop application, the broker has opted to provide a web-based trading platform. This is quite convenient because it provides a great deal of flexibility to a trader. All you need is access to a web browser and an internet connection to access your account and start trading, no matter where you are or what device you are using. Furthermore, a web-based trading platform doesn’t need to be updated and doesn’t require any maintenance on your part. It can be accessed within minutes and you can open or close a position easily.

Neuer Capital has made the dashboard quite straightforward and navigation is also quite easy. Everything you need for smooth and seamless trading is right in front of you, which can make it incredibly helpful for traders to make decisions. On the left side, the platform gives you the option of opening a new position, checking all your active positions and setting price alerts, if you wish. You can also check your existing alerts or take a look at the latest reports. Other options that you will find include the latest market trends and a heat map, both of which can give you useful insights.

In the middle of the screen, you can open a chart of your chosen cryptocurrency. You will be provided with the option of checking indicators, templates and multiple charting options, which include bars, candles, line, area, hollow candles, baseline and HeikinAshi. You can also check the initial margin and the buy and sell price of your cryptocurrency. There is also the option of turning on one-click trading, which you can do as per your preference. At the bottom of the screen, you will find other helpful information.

You can check the total profits and losses you have made through your open positions. It also tells you information about your withdrawal requests. Other information that can be found include available margin, equity, margin usage and maintenance margin. When you are armed with such details, it can make it easier to make decisions about whether to close an existing position or open new ones.

The trading platform provides live updates to ensure you do not make any mistakes and it reflects all your trades in real time. Hence, you can see the exact impact of your movements right away. With such a comprehensive trading platform, Neuer Capital is able to cater to global traders, whether beginners or professionals, and offer them a flexible and secure trading environment.

Neuer Capital Trading Accounts Review – The Options to Explore

Neuer Capital, Neuer Capital review, neuer capital rezension, Neuer Capital blog, cryptocurrency news, bitcoin, crypto trading, litecoin, ripple, dash, bitcoin cash, broker, blockchain, trading platform, trading guide, finance, ezdsk magazine, assets, chart, investment, Calculations, strategyAs cryptocurrency trading is on the rise, people need to find brokerage firms to accommodate their needs. The market is currently teeming with brokers who are offering their services, but no two brokerages are the same. So, how do you pick a brokerage that would be the perfect fit for you? Neuer Capital is the best choice in this regard because not only do they specialize in crypto trading and offer you a horde of options, but they also fulfill the needs of different traders.

One of the best ways to assess whether a broker is catering to traders from different backgrounds or not is to take a look at the trading accounts options they provide. Each of these account types come with different features and offerings and have varying levels of deposit requirements. The purpose of creating multiple account options is to help traders choose one according to their level of experience, skills and the capital they can invest.

If you do your due diligence, it will become obvious that most brokers offer three standard options; one for beginners, one for intermediate traders and the last for professionals. The problem is that even these options are quite limited because things are not always black and white. Understanding that, Neuer Capital offers a total of six account types to their clients. This is to ensure that all kinds of traders can find what they are looking for with this brokerage and they don’t have to switch brokerages later on or choose an account they are not comfortable with. Let’s take a look at the account options offered by Neuer Capital.

Basic – The first account option offered by Neuer Capital is Basic and it requires traders to deposit EUR 1,000. As the name indicates, this particular account has been designed for beginner traders who have absolutely zero experience in the market. The features in the account have been offered accordingly. Under the basic account, a trader can enjoy 24/6 customer support for any queries they may have. They are also provided access to the education center to increase their knowledge and learn new tactics and skills that can help in trading. Furthermore, beginners can also benefit from Daily Market Review and PRO webinars, which provide them with much-needed guidance.

Bronze – The second account option provided by Neuer Capital is Bronze and you can open it with a deposit of EUR 10,000. This is for traders who are a leg up from beginners as they have had some exposure. They will receive the same features as that of the Basic account, but some additions are made according to their experience. They will be provided with an account manager for a month who can provide them with guidance and help them make profitable trades. Similarly, they will also receive Junior price alerts, which can enable them to make good decisions.

Silver – The Silver account is for intermediate traders who are getting ambitious and can deposit EUR 25,000 for this account. Apart from the rest of the features, they will get the account manager for three months rather than one as per their needs. Likewise, they are also provided PIA trading signals five times a day because they will be making much more advanced trades.

Gold – Neuer Capital’s fourth account option needs a deposit of EUR 50,000. Under this account, the account manager’s duration is increased to six months and PIA trading signals are sent 10 times a day. The rest of the features remain constant.

Platinum – With a deposit of EUR 250,000, you can open a Platinum account with Neuer Capital. Along with the other features, you will now get VIP price alerts because this account is meant for skilled traders. Therefore, the account manager is also provided for a year. In addition, unlimited PIA trading signals are given, a personalized trading strategy is provided and PIA SMS signals are also included.

Black – The last account option is restricted for professional traders and you can discover its requirements by getting in touch with your account manager. It offers all features that Neuer capital has to offer to its clients. You can use the account manager for as long as you want, get a one-on-one trading trainer and also opt for exclusive position access